Third in the series.

It’s time for Resha Valentine to face her past. After running from her family she is confronted by both her past and her present, as well as making a new enemy.

Will Red Flame be able to stand by her side?

This book follows Resha a 14 year old teenage wizards' journey and her dream to join Red Flame Wizards' School.

During her journey Resha makes friends with other teenage wizards just like herself who all have different magical powers.

Being typical teenagers they get into trouble and end up in the middle of wizardry battles with rival wizards' from the Dark Wizards' School.


Second in the series.

The Red Flame gang is back and making more trouble than ever before! 

The twins whip up a storm when Aiden meets an old friend, Kat learns a new magic and they both have to fight to save Wizland from a dark wizards' school.